4 SMART Marketing Strategies to Implement In 2023

As the world gets more complicated, so do our technology and digital marketing strategies. 2023 brings new trends that we should all be on top of to drive measurable impact this year. Here are four SMART marketing strategies your brand should implement in 2023.

4 SMART Marketing Strategies for 2023

Turn Your Brand Fans into Influencers – using SocialToaster 

Out of the gate, we have to toot our own horn a bit. If your brand doesn’t have an official advocacy marketing program, 2023 is definitely the year to do so. User-generated content and influencer marketing are key components to any modern digital marketing strategy.

SocialToaster was purposefully built to provide brands with a suite of tools that they can use to turn their everyday customers into powerful brand advocates. With a SocialToaster program, your fans receive your branded content, which they can then share directly to their social platforms. You can even hold contest and giveaways to encourage your customers to create content on your behalf to then share with their network.

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Leverage New Technologies To Execute A Consistent Strategy: 

The new year brings new intuitive tools and updates to older ones to make organizing and executing your marketing strategy a breeze.

For example, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is extremely popular and common in most organizations. This allows for organization of contacts, clients and customers. Hubspot, for instance, is very popular, giving the power of visual data and marketing campaigns. Other third-party apps like social media management tools (Include features such as auto-posting, data analytics, etc.), and data organization tools (Usually programs dedicated to data storage, analytics, calendars, etc.). A combination of these apps makes developing and managing a digital marketing campaign much easier. 

Social media apps themselves have developed immensely over the past decade. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other platform have integrated systems that allow you to view data, analytics, market trends, and more. LinkedIn Campaign Manager allows users to develop automated ads that target audiences based on trends and interactions. Use these free tools to your advantage; Making an impactful campaign takes trial & error, consistency, and time.

Double-down on Social Influencers

Affiliate marketing and social media influencers have been key to many social media marketing campaigns for the past few years. There’s a great reason, too; They can interact with your audience like no one else can. Utilizing an influencers brand, audience and affiliates can help you build a healthy relationship with your customers. 

Social Influencers have large, tentative audiences that exemplify a lifestyle or brand. Consider collaborating with social influencers to make a more robust social media presence. These are such valuable assets because of the way they interact with their audience; Very personable, open, usually exposing their private life to the world to be more transparent with their followers. Combine your product and marketing strategy with the wide audience and voice of a social influencer. You will gain more followers, increase website traffic, and drive brand awareness. 

Since these changes are so dramatic, other methods have become outdated and even detrimental to your digital marketing plan. Content now should be direct, thoughtful, and meaningful; Gone are the days of posting for posting’s sake. Any social aspects of your strategy should be true to your brand, your culture, and your goals. Some ideas that other companies use are customer acknowledgments or highlights. These let your customer base know you are familiar with your audience and you care enough to epitomize them on your platforms. 

Make Content Relative: 

The social media platform TikTok dramatically changed the way the average person consumes social media. It was popularized by its short 6-20 second clips with vast colors, sounds, and an inherent interactive nature. This has bled over into social media culture as a whole and the users changed with it. To have a great marketing strategy in 2023, it must be interactive, highly engaging, and, most importantly, brand awareness. 

Content that the public consumes is much more sophisticated than it used to be. Customers want to interact with the brands they love on the platforms they love, and interaction is key to having your social posts seen. Firstly, you should research which platforms your key demographic uses the most and what makes the most sense for your brand. Also, try to compare your strategies to others in your industry; All of the social platforms make this an easy task with market research tools being built into the software. This helps you track data points like trending hashtags,

keywords, products, user devices, and user demographics. These are powerful tools that are essential to creating an effective marketing strategy. 

When you know who to target, it’s about developing content that users are actually going to engage with. Gamification (Using methods in games to engage potential customers) and Influencer Marketing (Leveraging a popular social media figure’s following for exposure) is what make a modern viral marketing campaign. Giving customers incentives to return to your website, product, service, or app is the key to gamifying your marketing. Merge this with viral marketing thanks to influencer connectors, and your metrics are sure to improve. 

Creating a strong digital marketing plan is like putting together the most complicated puzzle while blindfolded. Different methods work with different institutions and organizations. Truly, having an affecting strategy takes time, time, trial and error, and consistency. 

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