4 Ways To Drive Foot-Traffic With A SocialToaster Program


Retail businesses live and die by their foot traffic. For these stores, it’s all about getting the customer through their doors. SocialToaster has a great reputation for helping clients drive online awareness and sales, but did you also know a SocialToaster program can be effective at driving offline sales at the local level?

Our approach to utilizing social media to drive in store traffic includes:

Traffic Driving Strategy 1: Use SocialToaster To Announce New Product Lines

When people get their hands on our clients products they usually respond positively. The problem our clients typically face is that not enough people know about the great things they offer. To help counter this issue we recommend using your best fans (employees, customers etc.) to announce new merchandise and offers through SocialToaster.

By publishing through SocialToaster they reach their friends and followers (expand reach at no additional cost) on all of their social networks and the message is delivered as a word of mouth recommendation. Soon after our clients start activating their best fans to share announcements the found their stores started getting busier, and sales started going up.

Traffic Driving Strategy 2: Use SocialToaster To Promote In-Store Events

Even when people see your offerings in pixels they don’t always come see them in person. This is why our clients use SocialToaster to announce events to draw people into the store. Although your space may be small it is a nice idea to use the platform to announce little bi-monthly social gatherings where people could mingle, eat some food, ask questions. And, ahem, buy something along the way.

Traffic Driving Strategy 3: Use SocialToaster To Support In-Store Contests

But not everyone can be drawn in by announcements or get togethers. Sometimes you have to offer people a little something extra, like a prize. We recommend creating an in-store Instagram competition where people could take a picture in a stylish outfit against a street-art backdrop. The participant with the outfit you deem to be the best would win a select item from the store. Not only will this draw more people in, but it also spread the word about the store to all the participants friends online. Our platform can also deliver special offers for those fans that participate.

Traffic Driving Strategy 4: Use SocialToaster To Disseminate Coupons

Building off this incentives-based approach, we also recommend considering coupons for advocates in the program. As savvy business owners you want to be careful of people simply looking for “sales not selfies” (#coiningit!) but we believe you can provide small thank you’s (discounts) to your most active and loyal fans. At the end of the day everyone loves a good deal.

Curious about what SocialToaster can do for you, give us a call at 855.628.6278 or visit us online.

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