Supercharge Your Advocacy Marketing Program With These 3 SocialToaster Features

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Here at SocialToaster, we have the pleasure of working with hundreds of brands. We’re humbled that so many amazing universities, retailers, B2B corporations, and CPG companies choose the SocialToaster platform as their advocacy marketing platform of choice. We exist to help these brands build the best advocacy marketing program possible, and as such, we’re constantly adding to the suite of available SocialToaster platform features.

Don’t get us wrong, the primary mission of the SocialToaster platform is to make it insanely easy for your Superfans to join your advocacy program and amplify your content to their friends and family. This is not core functionality we’re talking about – consider these features icing on the ROI cake that is a SocialToaster advocacy marketing program. (yum)

Whether you’ve just launched a program, are thinking about starting a program, or are a multi-year veteran, these features can help take your advocacy marketing efforts to the next level.

3 Features You Should Incorporate Into Your SocialToaster Advocacy Marketing Program

1) Using The Likes/Follows Feature To Grow Your Social Audiences

If one of your advocacy marketing program goals is to grow the overall size of your social media audience, you’re going to love this feature! When you add the Likes/Follows feature to your program page, you highlight your brand’s social media profiles within your SocialToaster program – and directly to your ambassadors.

The Likes/Follows feature allows your advocates to effortlessly “Like” or “Follow” your social media profiles directly from your SocialToaster program page. You can even assign points or entries for connecting with your profiles to give your advocates an extra incentive to follow your brand across the full spectrum of social platforms.

As an advanced tip, keep in mind that you can use this space to promote any social media profile, not just your official corporate ones. If your brand manages multiple social media profiles (say a product-centric Facebook page and a corporate Facebook page), you can use this space to grow the audience of both profiles at the same time!

Here’s more information on the SocialToaster Likes/Follows feature:

2) Drive Site Traffic With The SocialToaster Recommended Sites Feature

There are two main ways a SocialToaster program can help you drive site traffic:

Your brand shares content through your SocialToaster program to your advocates, who in turn share that content to their social media pages where friends and family engage with said content and visit your site. This is core advocacy marketing platform functionality.

Using the SocialToaster Recommended Sites feature.

Through the Recommended Sites feature, you can select specific URLs to highlight on your SocialToaster program page. You can publish links to everything from websites and blogs, to product pages and mobile app stores. You can even add multiple sites to further increase driven site traffic.

And as with the Likes/Follows feature, through your SocialToaster advocacy marketing program, you can encourage your advocates to visit your chosen URLs on a daily basis by tying a daily incentive to the action.

Here’s the inside scoop on the SocialToaster Recommended Sites feature:

3) The Mentions Feature: Let Fans Share Messages About Your Brand

This feature is perfect for brands that want to disseminate specific hashtags, while also empowering their advocates to write the accompanying message in their own voice.

Through the Mentions feature, your brand can identify multiple hashtags for your advocates to use. Advocates can then choose the hashtags that work best for their specific message. It’s a double-double for your brand: you benefit from the additional publication and exposure of your branded hashtag(s), while also benefiting from the authenticity of the user’s message. It’s user-generated content at its finest.

When setting up your hashtags, be sure to include your FTC compliant hashtags. Those include:

  • #promo
  • #contest
  • #sweepstakes
  • #sponsor
  • #entry
  • #ad

Remember these can be combined with your brand name if you want to tie a branding element to the FTC tag (i.e. #BrandXPromo or #BrandYcontest). Also to note, you can make certain hashtags required within the Mentions feature.

Check out the video below for more information on the SocialToaster advocacy marketing program Mentions feature:


It only takes a few minutes to incorporate these features into your existing SocialToaster advocacy marketing program, but the benefits can last a lifetime. Remember, if you have any questions on how to set up these features, we’re here to help! Reach out to your SocialToaster account manager or contact us at

Don’t have a SocialToaster program, but ready to start? Schedule a free demo today!

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