Announcing our Slack and Teams Integration

Slack and Teams Integration

SocialToaster is pleased to announce that we’ve integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams to help our clients more effectively engage their employees to promote new content and encourage content sharing.

Historically, SocialToaster has relied on email, and to a lesser extent text messaging, to notify ambassadors and program participants that there is new content for them to review and share. While this continues to be effective, the reality post-COVID is that the signal-to-noise ratio surrounding email has gone up significantly. Email marketers are sending 27% more emails than before COVID, and while open rates are up over pre-COVID times, click-through rates are down 17.9%. This means that it is harder than ever to use email as a means of promoting content, as recipients have a much higher volume of email that they need to wade through on a daily basis.

This is where Slack and Teams come in. These platforms have a number of advantages for internal communications over email that are hugely beneficial in ensuring that messages are seen and appropriate actions taken:

  1. Real-time Communication – with email there can be a delay between when email is sent and when a recipient reads it. With Slack and Microsoft Teams, messages are delivered instantly, allowing for quick and efficient communication.
  2. Group Chat – allows multiple people to communicate with each other in real-time. Everyone can be on the same page and collaborate more effectively.
  3. Custom Channels – Slack and Micorosft Teams allow you to create custom channels for specific teams or topics. This can be extremely useful when promoting content to internal employees. You can create a channel specifically for promoting content, and all employees who need to see it can join that channel. This ensures that the right people are seeing the content, and it’s not getting lost in a sea of emails.
  4. Notifications – Slack and Teams have robust notification systems that ensure that employees are notified when important messages are sent. This helps ensure that your content is getting seen by the right people, and that they’re taking the appropriate action. With email there is always a risk that your message will get lost in a sea of other messages.

The SocialToaster integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams makes it easier than ever to promote content to your employees and to engage them to help share that content to their personal social networks.

ContentToaster, our AI-driven platform for identifying new content you’ve published, can grab any new content it finds on your website and social channels and help you to push it to your employees. Content is shared to your teams through dedicated channels, allowing you to segment your notifications so that recipients see the content that is relevant to them. Channel participants see a preview of the content inside of Slack and Teams, and a simple share button makes it easy for them to promote that content out to their personal social networks.

See for yourself how easy it is to engage your employees and help them promote the content that you’re investing in creating for your organization. Request a demo today!

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