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One of the questions that we often get in our social marketing seminars is: what should status updates be about and how should people cultivate their social persona?  A lot of business owners are concerned that if they post too much about their business that they might alienate their personal contacts, or that their business contacts won’t care about their child losing his first tooth, or that their dog Miffy just had puppies.

So the question really becomes, how to find the right balance between business and personal.  Or taken a step further, how can you make sure that you are staying interesting to those that follow you?


Cultivating Your Social Persona

VMT and SocialToaster CEO, Brian Razzaque, suggests finding balance by dividing your updates into three main categories.  “I advise our social media clients to think of their content in thirds when cultivating your social persona.  One third of your content should be about yourself in the context of your business, the second third could be about something you’re passionate about,  and the final third should be about anything that you genuinely find interesting.”

Posting consistently about you in the context of your business helps people to remember what it is that you do for a living, and hopefully to think of you when they need your services.  Posting updates about what you are passionate about, such as a sport or hobby, helps to attract a following within that community, particularly on Twitter.  And finally, posting about things you genuinely find interesting helps to add depth to your persona, and gives your connections a sense of who you are as an individual.

Just remember, people become your friend or follow you because they find you to be interesting, in real-life, and online.  Following the rule of three when posting status updates will help to sustain your social persona or online identity.


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