How DJs Use SocialToaster to Drive Engagement


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For DJs, having a good relationship with their fans is vital to a successful career. By maintaining a healthy and active fan base they increase their value as a performer, as well as drive ticket, album sales, social presence, and festival invites. Given this, several DJs have turned to SocialToaster’s custom fan engagement platform in order to get their names out there, share their music and get people more involved.

Below we are going to look at exactly how these performers have utilized their Superfans to increase engagement.

Drive Contest Voting

As with any performer, name recognition is key to a DJ. When people know who they are, they have more people that want to see them, and as a result be able to charge more for sets. One of ways to do this is to make it onto “top DJ” lists. Take for instance DJ MAG’s Top 100 DJs. This list is seen by tons of fans who use it as a guide on who they should roll onto their next EDM playlist, as well as by promoters deciding who to book.

Hardwell used the SocialToaster platform to engage with his fans, encouraging them to push him up the list with a concerted voting effort. By leveraging the influence of his most loyal fans Hardwell was able to jump five spots and secure the #1 spot on the list in back-to-back years. The best part, not only was he ranked #1, he was also able to oust out the previous five-year favorite.

Ticket and Album Sales

Another way DJs use the SocialToaster platform is to drive ticket and album sales. This can include a range of tactics: from Instagram competitions (with prizes related to what is being pushed) to surveys and quizzes allowing fans to show of their knowledge of their favorite DJs. The best part is that after this they can use ticket sales to activate ambassadors by geographic region, helping sell tickets in struggling markets.

Awareness of Tours

This strategy can be extended to drumming up excitement for upcoming performances as well. DJs use the SocialToaster platform to do this by sending out content relevant to current or past tours such as backstage shots, setlists, and clips from past festivals.

By incentivising people to recruit their friends into the program with points, DJs are able to put their content in front of far more people than they would have organically. And when people find out their friends are going to a show they will be more likely to go themselves.

Utilize Campaign Data

And finally, after all of these tactics have been employed, DJs use the data gathered from their SocialToaster campaigns to support new sponsorships and partnerships. A SocialToaster program provides clients with a lot of useful metrics and information that they can use to fine tune their brand.

One insight the platform can offer is demographic information of the userbase. By knowing things like the age and gender breakdown of their fanbase, DJs can get a better understanding of what offerings their fans would be interested in.

The SocialToaster platform can help performers of all kinds better engage with their fans. At the end of the day, people take the recommendations of their friends more seriously than other forms of promotion. By enlisting their most ardent supporters, performers are able to genuinely engage with their fanbase, and see great results.

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