4 Ways to Drive Holiday Themed Engagement

Drive Holiday Themed Engagement

Every brand knows that the winter holidays are a great time to get people excited about their offerings. Potential customers are in a spending (and hopefully giving) frenzy that allows brands the opportunity to stuff their own stocking a little. The only problem is that everyone is doing it. Given this, it is important for your brand to try and do something unique to give your campaign a little jingle bell rock. We’ve come up with a few ideas drive holiday themed engagement.

4 Ways to Drive Holiday Themed Engagement

Holiday Themed Prizing

This one is really obvious, but often the obvious choices are the best ones. If you want to drive more engagement during the holiday season, make the prizes you are giving out more relevant to the season. How you do this really depends on what your offerings are, but there is a lot of fun you can have here!

This doesn’t just mean making your prizes wintery or related to a specific holiday (it can be good to avoid this so people don’t feel left out). It can also mean making your prizes things people could potentially give to each other during this giving season. This way if someone knows their best friend is a big fan of what you do they can join the campaign, initially, in the hopes of get their friend the perfect gift for the holidays.

Festive Content & Creative

When you invite people over for the holidays you usually set out some festive decorations and food so people can get into the spirit. You can do this too with your SocialToaster program, both on your sign up and logged in pages. Just make sure you don’t change everything to solid red!

Beyond your SocialToaster page, you can also send out emails and posts that capture the spirit of the season. By getting a little festive you can spice up your campaign, and give people who haven’t been engaging as much a reason to to start sharing more.

Prize “Gifting”

Possibly one of the coolest ideas for giving your campaign a little seasonal spice is gifting. This means letting your Superfans give the prizes they win to someone else in honor of the giving spirit of the season. You can even have it so the prizes you are giving are things that might help people in need (gift cards, clothes, perishables).

This way people who aren’t interested in winning cool goodies for themselves, but would love to help people get involved. This is a great way to increase engagement, and get some good press for helping out at the same time.

Seasonal Instagram Competitions

Last on our list, Instagram competitions with a festive theme can be a holiday hit. Have a product that you would like your Superfans to promote? Have them put a bow on it like it’s a gift and post a picture. This way they will have some holiday themed fun while your brand is getting plenty of timely exposure.

Like the idea of giving your campaign a little holiday flair? Give us a call and we’ll get to work for you!

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