Holiday Content Topics Make Your Year-end News Shine

employee advocacy holiday content topics

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, it can sometimes feel like your company’s digital content is getting lost in the shuffle. Don’t cast yourself off to the Island of Misfit Toys just yet – give your content the visibility boost it needs by tapping into the red-nose bright, social-sharing power of your employees! Every employee on your company payroll provides an opportunity to reach new customers, potential partners, and fresh talent. After all, employees have on average 10x more connections than brands do. Whether you have a formalized employee advocacy program or are just dipping your toes into the advocacy waters, the holidays are an ideal time to empower your employees to share your content on their social channels, so we’re giving you the top five employee advocacy holiday content topics your employees are putting on their wish list.

Employee Advocacy = Increased Employee Retention & Engagement

Your business isn’t the only “person” reflecting on the past year. Chances are, your employees are also taking a hard look at their own experience with your company over the past year. In fact, more Americans quit their jobs in December than in any other part of the year.

Fear not though! Your employee advocacy efforts can help to retain your employees over the long haul too. Socially engaged employees are:

  • 27% more likely to feel optimistic about their company’s future
  • 20% more likely to feel inspired
  • 15% more likely to feel engaged at their company
  • 15% more likely to connect with coworkers beyond their core teams

Increasing employee engagement isn’t just great for retention either. A 10% increase in employee engagement investments can increase profits by as much as $2,400/employee each year!

Top Employee Advocacy Holiday Content Topics

1) Company Year-End Roundups

The end of the year is a time for reflection. Take a bit of time to dwell on the major successes your brand has had in 2017. What new contracts have you won? Did you open a new office? Blow past a revenue goal? Put together a short video or blog post that highlights these major accomplishments.

Company roundup posts bring a ton to the table including:

  • Informing your employees’ friends and families know about the success of your brand
  • Giving your employees an opportunity to brag about the company they work for
  • Educating your own employees on the success of the company
  • Showing potential new customers and clients that they can find success through working with you

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool for attracting new business. In fact nearly 64% of employee advocates in a formal program credit Employee Advocacy with attracting and developing new business, and nearly 45% attribute new revenue streams to Employee Advocacy.

Pro Tip: While occasionally asking your employees to share your branded content might work for some organizations, most companies see greater gains by formalizing the process through an Employee Advocacy Program. Choose an employee advocacy platform (like SocialToaster) that allows your employees to easily link their social accounts to the advocacy platform. That way, when you have new content, your employees can simply click “Share” and have that content auto-publish to their social feeds. No more copying and pasting! Plus, you can easily gamify your program, allowing employees to earn points and recognition for their social actions.2) 

2) Share Your “Do Good” Stories

Whether it’s a structured volunteer opportunity or a charitable gift, be sure your employee advocacy holiday content topics highlight any holiday philanthropic stories or events you’re involved in. 81% of millennials expect public declarations of corporate citizenship from their favorite companies. Even more so, nine in ten millennials would switch brands if the new brand being considered was associated with a cause.

We’re living in the rise of the socially conscious consumer. If your corporation has a cause, be sure your employees are sharing it with their friends and family.

3) New Year Means New Job Openings

If you’re heading into 2018 with growth on the brain, skip the pay-per-click sites and have your employees advocate your new positions on their social networks. The average cost to fill an open position is $4,000. Before you hire a recruiter, be sure to have your employees check with their LinkedIn connections for a possible candidate.

Another reason to use your employees? 47% of referred hires stay longer in the role and report greater job satisfaction. The end result? Less turnover and a lower cost to hire in the long run.

4) Forecasting For The New Year

Does your company have big plans for 2018? Are you primed to take over a new vertical or open a new office? The new year can be an optimum time for sharing this news with your employee advocates. These types of “good news” stories provide a swift morale boost and can help kick the year off with a productivity spike. Plus, employee-shared stories of this nature tend to receive a higher than average level engagement, meaning they receive a greater organic (read: free) reach among potential buyers and partners.

Employee Advocacy Works

Regardless of the employee advocacy holiday content topics employed, using your most engaged employees to bring more awareness to your company or organization works. Whether you have a formal employee advocacy program or take more of an ad-hoc approach, use your employees to help maximize the impact of your holiday stories.

Curious how a formal employee advocacy program may work for you? Send us an emailrequest a free demo, or give us a call at 855.62.TOAST today!


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