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In preparation for Women’s History Month, we compiled this infographic, outlining six pieces of advice for advertising to today’s female demographic.

Marketing to Today’s Female Demographic

In the U.S., women control over 60% of personal wealth, their annual purchasing power is $5-$15 trillion, and they represent the bulk of most brands’ customer base. Don’t use outdated and ineffective marketing tactics; learn how to effectively market to today’s female demographic.

Embrace Today’s Female Demographic

Today’s modern female audience is savvy, smart, and doesn’t need to be pandered to by outdated patronizing marketing tactics.

Brands need to focus less on the general idea of a female customer, and more on the specific needs of a target market that just happens to be female. To be successful, brands need to create content that resonates, entertains and educates, then use influencers of all sizes to help share that content on relevant social media networks.

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