How To Leverage Your Audience To Build Your Audience in 2021 (Updated June 2021)

Leverage Your Audience

Remember when we talked about transitioning your SocialToaster program from short-term to long-term? And we said, “Everyone that joined during the contest is there, ready to be utilized as your promotional army for as long as you want!” Well it’s time to utilize! We know you’re thinking, “Umm, so how do I utilize my fans and where do I even start?” Let’s start with using your audience to drive even more people into the program! Below we’ve got not one, but three six ways (or starting points) to leverage your audience to do just that.

We’ve added a few more ways to leverage your audience to help BUILD your audience in honor 2021. All new updates are in bold. 

How To Leverage Your Audience To Build Your Audience

1) Twinning

Don’t you wish you could clone your fans because they are so awesome? Well you can…kind of.

You can create a lookalike audience on Facebook (and other digital marketing platforms), which is a way to find users who are so similar to your existing fans (not creepy at all) that they are super motivated and more likely to join your program. In essence, creating a lookalike audience is pretty much using your #basic Facebook targeting and taking it to the next level, without wasting a lot of time.

Your lookalike audience is created based on the fan list you upload, so you know they’re already interested in brands similar to yours. Running targeted ads towards this audience means showing your message to people that have a higher propensity to engage – and if creating these audience and running social media buys aren’t your thing, we’re here to help! SocialToaster’s media buying team uses all sorts of advanced tricks and techniques to get users to join your program.

2) Recruitment Refresh

Recruiting new users into your program is the equivalent to giving it new life. Have you seen NASA’s latest recruitment efforts? Users (and often times programs) have life stages and as they go through them, things cha-cha-cha-change. You know like when your friend goes from one boy diet to the next because she’s more mature? Interests, and people, change. Because of these inevitable and unpredictable life changes, so your program should be focused on building your fan army and adding new blood  to keep it fresh.

When it comes to recruitment, you also don’t have to do all of the work yourself. Influencer marketing is a beautiful thing. Help your (elite) ambassadors help you and make them a part of your recruitment team by having them spread brand awareness, focus on media outreach, and recruit others into your program. One of our clients has a Street Team and fans, or members of the team, feel as though they are a part of the team and work for the client, which is super important to millennials and Gen-Z. The Street Team creates an online presence for the brand and corrals other to join in.

3) The Recruitment Games

When it comes to your SocialToaster program, the more the merrier. (Please refer to above for explanation on why recruitment is key). So why not hold a special contest geared around recruitment? With a recruitment contest, your Superfan army (aka the users who are already a part of your SocialToaster program) can earn points or win cool prizes for bringing in 5 or 10 of their friends to join the party. Your program grows and your users win big. That’s what it’s all about with SocialToaster. See the win-win here?

4) Invite Your Audience to Leave a Review

Customers today are familiar with doing heavy research before making a purchasing decision. This means reviews on your website, Google, AskAngie, Yelp, or any other review site are extremely important. Inviting your current audience to leave a review helps draw in new audience members by providing them with the valuable research information they need in order to make an informed decision.

5) Team Up With Local Businesses

In the past, you may have viewed similar local businesses as competition, but as the landscape of consumer shopping trends continues to change rapidly, the reality is that teamwork is what ensures everyone’s success. Teaming up with local businesses that are either similar to you or complementary can help you reach new markets you otherwise would have never had access to. Not only does this give you access to new audiences, but it helps strengthen your relationships with other business members in your community. Just remember to outline in detail the parameters and use contracts to protect everyone’s interest.

6) Work With Influencers

Among your audience, you likely have a handful of great influencers to help you get new eyes on your brand. Influencers can be an affordable and effective method that leverages your current audience to reach new eyes. Influencers come in a wide range of niches and sizes that will still engage your existing audience and intrigue new audiences. It’s a total win/win!

SocialToaster Helps Drive Business Goals

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