How to Use SocialToaster to Manage Your Influencer Marketing Network

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If you’re a long-term reader of our blog, you’ve no doubt read how we consider SocialToaster to be an ideal platform for managing a fan advocacy marketing program. Between the ability to easily share content with your fans, award incentives to your active advocates, and track the reach and ROI of all those efforts, SocialToaster is one of the most robust advocacy marketing tools available.

That’s why some people are surprised when we tell them that SocialToaster is also a powerful platform for managing a more traditional influencer marketing program – but you’ll quickly see that the SocialToaster platform is an ideal tool for organizing, managing, and optimizing your influencer marketing network. 

Why Influencer Marketing?

From sponsored blogs to #ad Instagram posts, influencer marketing has gone from being considered fringe-marketing to being an important channel in any marketing program. 

The reason? 


According to the 2017 PageFair Adblock report, over 600 million devices worldwide use an adblocking program on their device. Adblocking software has a significant impact on whether or not your target customer sees your paid advertisements. 

Which begs the question, if your audience can’t see your ad, are you wasting your marketing budget if you are only exploring paid media channels? 

Influencer marketing is an opportunity for your brand to be shown within an organic channel (circumventing ad blockers). 

Further, influencer “ads” also have a psychological impact on view – influence. Where do you think the term “influencer marketing” comes from in the first place?

All this influence can have a huge impact on a brand’s bottom line. Here’s how: 

49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations

Influencer marketing campaigns earn $6.50 for every dollar spent 

74% of people trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions 

Managing Your Influencer Marketing Program With SocialToaster

Now that we’ve established why your marketing program should include an influencer marketing component, let’s dive into some of the common problems brands can run into with their influencer marketing campaign and how SocialToaster can help brands manage and overcome those problems. 

Problem: Managing and Communicating with Multiple Influencers Can Be Cumbersome and Time-Consuming

Solution: With SocialToaster You can Message and Share Content With All of Your Influencers at Once

Have a new product video you want your influencers to share? How about a new discount code or promotion? Too often, influencer marketing campaign managers rely on spreadsheets and traditional email to share content with their army of influencers. Talk about time-consuming!

With SocialToaster, you can easily recruit all of your influencers into your program. Then, when you have new content to share, you can fire off a single blast that can reach all of your influencers at once. 

Problem: Recruiting and On-boarding New Influencers Can Be A Bit Tricky

Solution: SocialToaster Gives Your Influencers the Option to Utilize the Social Media Platform of Their Choice 

When it comes to recruiting for your influencer marketing campaign, the more information you can provide an influencer, the more likely they are to join your program. With SocialToaster, you can create a custom recruitment page that highlights the key aspects of your influencer marketing program.

Once an influencer has chosen to join, they can opt-in by signing up with their preferred social media platform (or platforms) of their choice. 

A key difference between an advocacy marketing and an influencer marketing program is the number of individuals that join your program. 

In an advocacy marketing program, the average fan has roughly 600 social connections. Which means your brand wants to recruit as many advocates as you can into your efforts. 

Influencer marketing, on the other hand, tends to leverage those with followings of 10,000+ (or even 100,000+ depending on the scope of your brand). In an influencer marketing campaign, you should focus on recruiting high-quality influencers. 

Problem: It’s Not Always Easy to Determine the ROI of Your Influencer Marketing Efforts 

Solution: The SocialToaster Program Automatically Tracks A Host of KPIs For Easy ROI Calculating 

Every content post shared through the SocialToaster platform includes a trackable link that can help your brand stay on top of the ROI and impact of your advocacy efforts. 

So, what stats can we help you track?

Shares: The number of content pieces that were shared by your influencers. 

Impressions: How many people saw your shared content pieces. 

Clicks and Traffic: How many people clicked on your influencer’s post. 

Social Engagements: The number of likes, comments, and shares your content received. 

Depending on how your Google Analytics account is set up, you can even keep count of the number of sales or conversions that your shared content generated. 

Problem: Auditing Your Influencers Can Be a Full-Time Job 

Solution: Use SocialToaster to See What Specific Content is Being Shared By A Specific Influencer

This solution will make your life so much simpler.

The SocialToaster program allows you to easily determine which influencers are sharing your content as well as the specific posts they are sharing. 

Ready to Start Influencing? 

Whether you already have an influencer marketing program or are looking to start one, SocialToaster’s team of strategic experts stands ready to help onboard your brand onto our award-winning platform and get your program started today!

Give us a call at 855.62.TOAST, send us an email, or request a free demo and take control of your influencer marketing efforts!

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