Flower Crowns Optional: Music Festivals + SocialToaster = <3

Music festival

Peace out #Coachella, see you next year! As the Memorial Day Weekend of festival season, Coachella is the unofficial kickoff of festival season. It’s one of the most well-known (and talked about) music festivals of the year. Fans get the first glimpse at the summer tour scene while rubbing elbows with some celeb royalty. When music festivals combine their fabulous parties, incentives and prizes with SocialToaster’s award-winning advocacy marketing platform, they create a versatile strategy that can lead to more fans, exposure, and revenue.

Naturally, not every festival is Coachella but each festival has so much to offer their fans!

Giveaway VIP tickets to see the headlining act?

Or a free shopping spree to buy the perfect outfit(s)?

Or backstage passes to meet the winner’s favorite band?

Or festival swag? Discounted tickets? iTunes or Spotify gift cards?

Build up the beat hype

One of the most anticipated pre-festival moments is the lineup announcement. The lineup, especially the headlining act, set the tone for the festival. Fans are anxiously wanting to know, “Who is the headliner? Will there be any guest appearances? What will their set list be?” With SocialToaster, you can give your super festival fans VIP access to or a first look at the lineup before anyone else. By giving teasers and exclusive access, you’re building hype and anticipation (and creating FOMO) before you drop the beat ball to the public.

Use your resources to get content by partnering with acts who will be playing, sponsors, or even local establishments. All involved get exposure and promotion while connecting with the fans.

Drive ticket sales

More content, more dollars. You can give your super festival fans access to tickets or specials and drive ticket sales with all the features that SocialToaster offers. Developing an Instagram contest or a survey or quiz allows super fans to show off their festival fashion and knowledge. Get your fans engaged with creative content to create awareness and exposure for your upcoming festival.

Make sure you’re up to date on the tools and tactics available but if you’re not, no biggie, we’ve got you covered. To help promote ticket sales, SocialToaster can target specific geographical regions and also target markets or regions that are struggling with sales.

Ticket lottery

Ever dream of hosting a sold-out festival? Host a ticket lottery! Using our platform, fans can earn points by sharing content and connecting with your social media, which then earns them entry into the ticket lottery for free or discounted tickets.

If a fan doesn’t win the lottery, don’t sweat it! They can get other discounts or offers by staying in touch via email.

Ready to get started? Grab your bunny costume and hit us up! SocialToaster is here to help (cut-offs and crop tops required) make your fashion show music festival one for the ages, or at least until the next year.

Ready to drive your music festival’s top fans wild? Send us an email or call us at 855.62.TOAST to get your free demo of the SocialToaster platform today!

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