Prizes: Thinking Outside the Box


Not every brand or client can award the biggest and best(est) prize ever. We understand that all prizes come in different shapes and sizes, depending on budget, audience, etc. If you’re looking for some inexpensive – and yet still exciting – “out-of the-box” prizes, we have some ideas that’ll keep the wallet in-check but still create a buzz among your Superfans and get them excited to engage with your brand!

Prize 1: Don’t Be Camera Shy!

Prizing doesn’t always have to be material things. Experiences, especially personalized phone calls, visits, and more, can be even more fulfilling to a Superfan. People love to win access to an event or person that is “VIP” or not available to the general public.

 Pulling from our client’s successes, personalized video can be a cost effective prize that moves the needle. After all we know that video is a huge part of engaging with fans on social media, so it makes sense to make it a major part of your prizing.

  •  Skype Call:An easy way for your fans to get know the faces of your brand a little better is by holding a contest to win a personal Skype call from a celebrity or highly-recognizable member of your team. This is a great idea if your brand wants a deeper, “face-to-face” way to connect to your fans – and who doesn’t?
  •  Live Stream:Facebook and YouTube, as well as Twitter’s Periscope app all provide live streaming video content allowing your brand to innovatively interact and connect with your Superfans in real time. Hold a town hall, live stream an exclusive concert set or even play a virtual game of “Truth or Dare”. The options are endless!

Your brand may not be able to do the “all inclusive meet and greet” but it’s 2016, so why not take advantage of digital media, especially when it’s cost effective and provides an experience for many users at once? Creatively providing content using today’s technology shows your fans you’re with the latest trends while proving to your boss you’re money savvy and saving them dollar bills!

Prize 2: Digital Get Down(load)

It’s okay if you’re a little camera shy! There are prize options for brands who want to stay behind the camera too. Digital downloads boost brand awareness and “digitally connect” your fans with your brand. We live in the Digital Age after all, so why not incorporate it into your prizing.

  • Digital wallpapers & phone backgrounds: We stare at our phone and screens a lot, like a lot, a lot. Who doesn’t want to unlock their iPad or iPhone and have an exclusive wallpaper or background that looks awesome and no one else has? You’re creating brand awareness and your fans feel supes cool.
  • Exclusive Tracks: Giving your Superfans the opportunity to be the first to listen to your new music is basically giving them what they live for! Your fans will love the exclusivity of the prize and obviously they’ll love being the first ones to get to hear and share your new stuff.

Always keep design specs and device types in mind when creating digital download prizes. If you have the gorgeous shot but your beautiful brand logo appears pixelated on someone’s phone, it won’t be their background for long!

Prize 3: Shout-Out To Your Superfans

We know a thank you can go a long way. Giving a shout out to your fans is like taking a thank you to the next level and it’s a great way to show your appreciation for your fans. Here are some ideas to highlight your fans:

  • Super of the Week: Here at SocialToaster we have this adorable feature on our blog called Super of the Week. It’s essentially a shoutout dedicated to our super awesome employees and it’s a great way to recognize and show our appreciation for what they do for us! This concept can easily be replicated for your fans.
  • Feature Fans’ Instagram Photos: The Baltimore Orioles have their fans post Instagrams of themselves using the hashtag #Birdland, and a few lucky fan shots are featured on the big screen in center field!

Fan highlights and spotlights can really make an impact on your fans and get them excited! Honor a fan every month or week(as we’re sure there are a lot of them). The more fans you’re able to recognize the better! It’s one of the easiest ways you can show your appreciation for your Superfans and give them a moment to shine while boosting your user generated content. Having your fans use a collective hashtag or tagging your brand on social media helps your brand compile all their content and contributions. Who knows, your brand could turn all the content into some kind of fan video or something. Just sayin’.

Just remember that when it comes to prizes that highlight your fans, you want to make it an exciting and memorable experience for them. It’s about building a stronger connection between your fans and your brand. If you’re looking to cultivate those deeper connections (and save some money), contact us! We’re all about engaging and connecting with fans on any level.


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