Questions From The Client: How Do I Get My Fans To Promote My Brand Video?

Promote My Brand Video

We’re taking a break in our normally scheduled blogging to answer a question from our grab-bag of assorted client queries. Today that question is, “How do I get my fans to promote my brand video?”

As we’ve talked about in previous posts, an advocacy marketing program can do wonders for amplifying your messages across social media by empowering your fans to easily share your brand videos with their friends and family. SocialToaster has the platform and the expertise to help push your content out. Once we turn your customers into Superfans, they’re able to effortlessly run with your message – and your outstanding video content – sharing it with everyone they know.

But first, you must create content that is worth sharing. The more a fan connects with the video’s content, the easier it becomes for that fan to personally endorse the video by sharing it with their friends and family.

So, what does content that is worth sharing look like?

First Off: Create A Quality Video

Videos are the most popular content on social media. According to Cisco, video accounts for nearly 70% of internet consumer traffic and is showing no signs of decreasing in the future. In fact, Cisco predicts that by 2021, that percentage will increase to 82%! To stand out, you need to work to ensure your brand video is a cut above the rest.

High quality doesn’t have to equal high cost. Technological advances have made video production affordable for even the smallest of start-ups. Also, an increase in interest in branded video has created more part-time and freelance videographers. Shop around for the price, quality, and videographer that best fits your needs.

What to avoid in your video:

  • “Shaky” cam
  • Out of focus shots
  • Poor lighting and framing
  • Incomprehensible sound quality

Secondly: Focus On The Content

When creating a brand video, it’s imperative that you keep the target demographic top of mind. Are you reaching a high-powered executive? More focused on moms or millennial teens? If you want your SocialToaster fans to share your video, the video needs to evoke some sort of emotional response with your target demographic. There are hundreds of ways for a brand to evoke a response including:

  • Injecting humor when able (yes even B2B companies can use a little humor in their marketing)
  • Sharing real customer experiences and/or testimonials
  • Exploring the brand lifestyle
  • Partnering with another brand, organization or nonprofit

A quick example of that last point, Make A Wish has partnered with Macy’s numerous times over the years with their “Believe” campaign. Their joint efforts can be seen across social media as fans of the campaign share videos of the numerous heart-warming stories that emerge from the campaign.

Lastly: Be Sure To Ask For The Share 

Calls to action are a necessary part of any message. If you want someone to take a follow-up action from the video, make sure they know what that action is! Your campaigns help to tell your story, and your story creates a sense of loyalty with your customer base. Empower your fans to share your videos and foster that sense of connection. Make your success their success.

One Last Thing

Keep in mind that the final video itself is just one piece of content that can be shared. Don’t be afraid to tease your own great content. “Filming an awesome new video with Beyonce and Jay-Z! Check our blog for details! (link to blog)” Get your fans excited about the upcoming video to build anticipation and excitement.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to SocialToaster, we’re happy to help you get started with your advocacy marketing program!

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