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Conversions come from trust. In every conversion, whether it’s a purchase, lead registration, download, donation, there’s an integral layer of trust. Whether it’s providing valuable content, producing a quality product, or solving the intended problem, the user on the other end of the conversion has to believe that the company or organization they are working with will fulfill their end of the bargain. There are several different psychological tactics that marketers leverage to build trust and drive conversions (think free trials, discounts, etc.), but none are more powerful than social proof.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the different types of social proof and how your brand can leverage this trust-building magic mojo to drive conversions and grow your business. 

What Makes Social Proof So Powerful? 

Alright, it’s stat time, here’s just a small taste of the proof (see what we did their) of the magic of social proof in building trust and driving conversions. 

As you can see whether it’s a published review, a stated testimonial, or a recommendation from a friend, including social proof within the user journey can play a pivotal role in driving conversions. 

The 6 Different Major Types/Sources of Social Proof

The experts have chimed in, and most marketers agree that there are six significant types/sources of social proof. They are:


Who better to praise your business or organization than your existing customer base? Whether it’s a testimonial or a case study, use the personal experience of your past converters to help foster trust with your prospects and prospective customers.


Shout outs and endorsements from established experts in the field can help to reinforce your brand as a credible and reputable partner


Whether they’re customers or not, celebrities and influencers have built both a reputation and a fan base. Their fans trust their recommendations, and when a celebrity/influencer endorses your brand, then that trust also carries over to your band. 


One of the most potent forms of social proof is sheer volume. Having large numbers of users can be a strong indication of potential converters that your offering has been vetted and deemed worthy by a critical number of users. 

Friends/Personal Connections

People who have friends, family members, or personal connections who have already converted (and had a positive experience) are also more likely to convert. 


Social proof doesn’t always have to come from people. Certifications from trustworthy, third party entities or organizations can also provide credibility and social proof. 

How to Leverage Social Proof To Drive Conversions

With your points of social proof (testimonials, case studies, reviews) in hand, it’s time to integrate these proof points into your user journeys and marketing materials.

Here are ten of our favorite ways to leverage social proof within your marketing strategy.

  1. Publish testimonials and case studies on your landing pages.
  2. Promote product reviews on your product pages.
  3. Curate and publish user-generated content onto your social platforms.
  4. Feature celebrity or influencer endorsements in your ads or video content pieces.
  5. Showcase key user stats and volume data during critical consideration phases of a user’s journey.
  6. Incorporate call-outs and shout-outs in your email marketing pieces.
  7. Leverage Facebook and other social sharing platforms to show a user if there friends/family have converted.
  8. Use social proof in your ad copy. 
  9. Place certification seals or endorsements in the header/footer of your website. 
  10. Include rating data on your product detail pages. 

How to Earn More Social Proof

Ready to start earning more social proof? Consider launching an advocacy marketing program with SocialToaster.  Through advocacy marketing,  you can leverage the social sharing power of your biggest brand fans to help amplify your content, drive engagement, garner testimonials and reviews,  and increase conversions. 

Ready to grow your social proof points and start driving conversions? We can help. 

Contact us today to schedule a demo with one of our advocacy strategists and start leveraging the conversion-driving power of social proof today.