SocialToaster Launches Artificial Intelligence-Based Social Engagement Assistant

SocialToaster Launches Artificial Intelligence-Based Social Engagement Assistant

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Date: 5/17/19
Phone: (443) 981-0402

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SocialToaster Launches Artificial Intelligence-Based Social Engagement Assistant

Baltimore, Maryland – Fan engagement and advocacy platform SocialToaster has announced the release of a new social engagement assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help deliver additional value for clients. This feature, named “ContentToaster”, is designed to identify the newest and most relevant content from a variety of digital sources and promote that content automatically to advocates identified as being the most likely to engage with it.

“This new feature will not only save our clients a significant amount of time and effort, but will also dramatically improve engagement and sharing by matching the right audience with the right content at the right time.” said SocialToaster CEO Brian Razzaque.

“Using AI to understand how to increase engagement and drive value on social media and other channels is a big deal.”

Brian Razzaque, SocialToaster CEO

In 2009 SocialToaster began as a widget with the goal of making it easy for companies to connect with their followers. Since then, it has evolved into an enterprise-level fan engagement platform serving clients around the globe.

Artificial intelligence like ContentToaster is part of the next technological step for SocialToaster as the company continues to grow. “This is the next thing not only for us, but for digital marketing in general.” Razzaque said.

At the present, ContentToaster is in a limited beta release phase and is scheduled to be broadly released later this summer.

For more information please contact Nicholas Starr at 443-981-0402, email at, or visit

About SocialToaster

SocialToaster is an enterprise-level fan engagement platform that makes it easy for companies of all sizes to connect with and grow their fan base. Using SocialToaster, companies can empower their biggest supporters to act as word-of-mouth ambassadors across social media and digital channels.

SocialToaster employs customizable content, a patented sharing process, mobile and social media compatibilities, real-time analytics and more to make it easy for brands to amplify content and messaging.

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