SocialToaster Tip – How to Use SocialToaster to Secure Advertising Dollars

Media companies provide value to their advertisers by helping to get advertiser messaging in front of audiences.  When looking at digital media, advertisers have historically paid for placement on websites that generate a lot of traffic, as well as to be included on email blasts that target a large number of people.

The traditional value proposition for such advertising is that:

  1. The target demographic is typically well known, so advertisers are usually assured that their messages are reaching the intended audience, and
  2. The number of views and/or click throughs can generally be assured, based on historical numbers of website visitors or the size of the mailing list being used.

It turns out that companies using SocialToaster are able to provide advertisers with the same value proposition.  SocialToaster allows you to build up a database of Ambassadors, similar to how you might build up a database of email addresses.  Our reporting and analytics shows you detailed information about this group of people, including:

  • Geographic areas that they influence
  • Age and gender breakdown
  • How many connections each Ambassador has, and on which networks
  • Average number of visitors generated every time content is promoted
  • Traffic breakdown by network

This information can be used by publishers to create a unique value proposition for advertisers.  There are a few ways in which this can be leveraged:

  • Using our new category feature, SocialToaster clients can provide Ambassadors with the opportunity at sign-up to indicate what type of content they are interested in sharing.  This can include an option for partner or advertiser content.
  • When combined with special offers or the new points system we are introducing, Ambassadors can be incented to help to promote advertiser content.  Advertiser content can include either sponsored content located on the publisher’s website, or direct content from the advertiser’s website.
  • Advertisers can also benefit indirectly by having traditional banner ads located on a page that will be promoted through SocialToaster.  This way, advertisers can be assured that a page promoted through SocialToaster will receive a minimum amount of traffic, based on the historic trends for the company for past SocialToaster promotions.
  • The SocialToaster reporting system allows a media company or publisher to provide advertisers with specific results in terms of traffic and views generated.

Using SocialToaster for these “co-branded” marketing scenarios can bring real value to advertisers and provide content publishers with an additional revenue stream.

For more tips on using SocialToaster, or to learn more about how SocialToaster could be effective for your organization, please contact us at 443.393.2600 or email us at

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