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Alumni Engagement Content Marketing & Distribution Solutions

Are You Ready To Drive Alumni Engagement and Sharing While Streamlining Your Content Marketing Distribution?

Over 50% of marketers say the #1 problem they face is content.

SocialToaster makes it easy to distribute your amazing marketing content to alumni, new and old, who are most likely to engage with and share it.

How does SocialToaster work?

Alumni Ambassadors join your school’s SocialToaster program via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or another integrated social media networks.

When you’re ready to distribute content for your Ambassadors to share, simply take the URL to that content and process it through the simple SocialToaster advocacy management platform.

SocialToaster sends it directly to your alumnus’ inbox, ready for them to share to their connected social channels.

SocialToaster also monitors your social and digital channels, looking for new content to share with Alumni Ambassadors who are most likely to engage with and share it to their social channels.

But – what’s in it for your alumni?


The SocialToaster platform allows you to run contests to reward your Alumni Ambassadors, giving them even more of an incentive to share your content. You can give away anything – apparel, gift cards, game tickets, and more!

With SocialToaster you can:

Develop and Nurture Alumni Relationships
Increase University Giving Day Donation and Support Ongoing Fundraising Initiatives
Improve Faculty Engagement and Retention
Drive Ticket Sales to Athletic Games and On-Campus Events
Grow New Student Enrollment
Conduct Surveys and Create Interactive Quizzes

At SocialToaster, we offer customized solutions to fit your unique Higher Education needs.
See some of our clients below for examples.

University of Michigan

New York University

University of Cincinnati

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