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Between rising ad costs and an increase in the number of ad blockers (roughly 25.8% of US internet users), marketers are under increasing pressure to get more clicks for their proverbial bucks.  Times are changing, and what tactics and strategies that worked in 2010 aren’t guaranteed to work in 2020. If you’re searching for opportunities to up-level your paid advertising efforts, start by taking a look at your other marketing initiatives. Whether your overarching marketing strategy includes an aggressive PR strategy, inbound marketing support, or (in the case of this blog post) an advocacy marketing campaign, there are a myriad of ways to leverage your advocacy marketing program to support your paid advertising efforts. 

Key Aspects of An Advocacy Marketing Campaign

Quick plug, if your brand doesn’t have an advocacy marketing campaign, you’re missing out. Sure, we’re admittedly biased, but an advocacy marketing campaign can be a powerful addition to your marketing efforts. With advocacy marketing, your biggest fans become your strongest allies. They join your program. You share your branded content. They, in turn, can opt to share that content with their personal social media feeds where its seen by their friends and family. 

The content-sharing aspect of an advocacy marketing campaign may be it’s most powerful feature. But in no way is it the only trick this pony knows. When leveraged in the right way, your advocacy marketing campaign can support all of your various marketing initiatives. This includes your paid advertising campaign. Here’s how. 

3 Ways Advocacy Marketing can Improve Your Paid Advertising Efforts. 

1) Go Deep on Data

Depending on your advocacy marketing program of choice, you should have access to a host of marketable data on your biggest brand fans. We’re talking demographics, psychographics, and everything in between. 

Specifically, the SocialToaster platform can help you identify your advocates’:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age
  • Preferred Social Networks
  • Preferred Content Subjects
  • And a Host Other Deep Data Points 

Once you’ve got your data in hand, you can then use it to help influence your paid advertising targeting. 

Pro Tip: Want even more deep data insights? Use Facebook’s Audience Insight tool. With SocialToaster, you can easily create an export of your fan base’s key contact data points. Then upload that export into Facebook Audience tool to gain further insight into the likes and behavior of your advocates.  

2) Fuel Your Custom Audiences

Speaking of exports, most paid advertising platforms allow you to determine custom paid target audiences. Which is perfect for brands that are searching for opportunities to increase their customer’s repeat purchase rate or lifetime value. 

After all, for many brands, their advocates are either current or past customers. A custom target audience campaign can be just what it takes to push them towards another conversion. 

3) Create Look-a-Like Audiences

In many ways, your advocates represent the creme-de-la-creme of your audiences. After all, they are the individuals who are choosing to actively promote and share your brand through their social media profile. 

Look-a-like audiences are an opportunity to share your paid marketing messages with individuals that resemble (through demographic or behavior similarities) your top advocates. Load up your advocate export into the paid advertising platform of your choice (Google, Facebook, etc.) and let that platform match your message with a near-perfect match of your best customers. 

Take Your Paid Efforts Further

Feel like your paid media efforts are losing steam? Be sure you’re leveraging all of your marketing tools. Not only can an advocacy marketing program help you distribute your content and amplify your social media presence (more on that here), with the right strategy, you can also enhance your paid media efforts. By improving your targeting through more in-depth data, custom audiences, and look-a-like audiences, you have more of an opportunity to ensure your marketing messages resonate with your target audience. 

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