How to Thoughtfully Reward Your Most Loyal Fans

Reward Your Most Loyal Fans

Everyone likes to feel special. This is not just true for us as individuals in our personal lives, but also as consumers. Knowing that you are uniquely appreciated is a great complement. This is why we at SocialToaster are all about helping our clients show their appreciation to their most loyal fans and members of their loyalty program. After all, who isn’t moved by the Power of Love? (Oh Huey Lewis you are a wise one.)

One way our clients show their fan love is by offering exclusive rewards to program members. Not only does this provide positive feedback for their engagement with the brand, but it also helps drive sales.

There isn’t any one way to do this, every client’s situation is different, but we have some great examples to help inspire you.

Exclusive Sales

One of the easiest ways to make your biggest fans feel special is by announcing and holding members-only sales events. This is your opportunity to give your SocialToaster fans first-access to tickets, new merchandise, reduced pricing, you name it. This is a good way of telling them that because of how special they think your brand is, you think they are pretty special too.

Not only does this help the fan feel appreciated, but it also promotes your business to all of their envious friends (Either through word-of-mouth or through shared SocialToaster content). This causes a feedback loop driving more individuals into your program so that they too can have access to these exclusive events..

Exclusive Prizing/Gifts With Purchase

Giving fans a chance to buy early is great, but giving them an opportunity to win exclusive prizes can be even better. We’ve talked about prizing before, but never underestimate the power of incentives. In addition to your general prizing (say an autographed or customized piece of merchandise like a jersey), think about a couple potential gifts with purchases. One of our smaller retail clients hands out a free small cookie to any of their program members that shop at her store. It doesn’t have to always break the bank, a little can go a long way!

VIP Experiences

And finally, bringing your fans in up close and personal to the action is one of the best perks you can share through your loyalty program. Whether this is in the form of backstage passes, exclusive behind-the-scenes information, or giving them the opportunity to meet artists, performers or athletes – treating them like VIPS will cause them to feel like VIPS. Not a musician or best-friends with a movie star, no problem, hold exclusive events either online or in-store that speak to your brand. For example if you were a fashion retailer, you could hold a Q/A with one of your top buyers and invite your fans.

No matter how you go about your loyalty program, you want to convey a sense of exclusivity. Thanking your fans for their devotion and loyalty by giving them unique rewards will always be a winning marketing strategy.

If you think a loyalty program would be great for your fans give us a call at 855.628.6287 or visit us online.

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