Tips for Making Your Blog Posts More Searchable

You’ve finally created a blog for your business and or product, and you are updating it regularly with hot topics your readers want to know about.  Now what do you do?  Allow your blog posts to exist in cyberspace hoping that someone will stumble upon them, find value and forward them to a friend?

You should find ways of making your website/web page more searchable so that potential customers and others you want to visit your site are able to find you “out there” in cyberspace.  This tactic borrows from the very complex art of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), and by no means are able to give a full explanation of the process of SEO here.  However, following are few tips for improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

Blog with regularity.

Blogging itself helps with SEO because the more titles that are searchable for your company “out there” the easier it will be for you to be found by search engines.  Creating a plethora of blogs under your company’s name on the Internet can only raise your web rankings.  We recommend you post at least two blogs per week in order to get the full benefit of this tip.

Use social news sites, social bookmarking sites, and Internet communities to get the word out.

There are a variety of Social Bookmarking websites on the Internet which allow visitors to join their websites, and vote on or recommend content they submit to other users.  This kind of activity makes the content submitted more searchable to other people who use the sites, and drives visitors back to your website and the content you are trying to promote.

The major sites that Internet users frequent are Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Technorati, Google Bookmarks and StumbleUpon.  Digg and Reddit are social news websites on which people discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet.  Both allow users to submit content for other users to recommend on the sites.  Delicious is a social bookmarking site that works similarly and features a “hot list” and “popular” search pages and works similarly to Google Bookmarks.  Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs.

A September 16th article “How to Use Social Bookmarking for Business” on further illustrates the power of social bookmarking sites.  It tells the story of Seattle-based blogger Isaac Marion whose short story “I am a Zombie Filled with Love was distributed on his website, and purchased by about 100 readers.  The story was then reviewed by some of those users on the StumbleUpon network (StumbleUpon finds the best content on the web, recommends it, and allows users to discover and rate web pages, photos and videos), and was rated so highly that a Hollywood screenwriter, Cori Stern, and producer did just that – she stumbled upon the story and instantly thought it would make a great movie.  Stern’s “stumble” turned into longer novel “Warm Bodies” and then a movie deal with Summit Entertainment, producers of the Twilight films.  The article also refers readers to Twitter (which is more known as a social networking site, but is also the most used for social bookmarking), Yahoo! Buzz, Tweetmeme and Mixx.

Add a call to action to each blog post.

Our final recommendation is to place a comment bar on the top of your page so that your readers may share the post with their friends on Facebook, Tweet it, or Digg it.   In fact, you can add icons to your blog that would allow a user to click on it and be directed to any of the social bookmarking websites.  This status bar will remind your readers to go beyond the action of reading your blog and liking it themselves.  It will encourage your readers to recommend it to someone on their social networks and social bookmarking sites, who will recommend it to their friends, and their friends, and beyond.

We would love to know how these tips work for you.  Find us on Facebook.  Follow us (and send us a direct message on Twitter).  Or, if you’re a traditionalist, email us at

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