Trends in Social Optimization

Social optimization is all the rage these days, and with good reason.  Businesses are well aware of how valuable social media can be in reaching large audiences, but in general have found the level of effort and number of resources required to successfully execute a social marketing campaign to be daunting and not always feasible.  Solutions that target ways to streamline social media effectiveness are therefore in great demand.

This demand has spawned a number of start-up solutions designed to address many of the issues related to social optimization.  An interesting article on, Social Optimists, highlights the success that two notable startups have achieved: Gigya and ShareThis.  Both solutions work by enabling a visitor to a website to easily share content that they find on the site with their networks.

SocialToaster is an interesting solution that should be added to the ever-growing list of social optimization applications. Unlike Gigya and ShareThis, our patent-pending solution targets an overall streamlined process for enabling an organization to leverage a targeted group of supporters to promote content and brand-awareness in a top-down fashion.  This is distinct from other solutions which either focus only on end-users, or only on corporate users. SocialToaster works to connect the enterprise corporate agenda through to the end-user agenda.  This overall process provides for enhanced reporting and analytics that simply cannot be garnered in any other fashion.

To learn more about how SocialToaster can be incorporated into your organization, check out a live webinar or contact us for more information.

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