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Customers are great. But do you know what’s better? Superfans. Superfans are not only top-tier customers, purchasing from you regularly. They’re evangelists, publicly praising your brand to their friends and family. In this blog post, we’re going to share some tips and tactics for turning your average customers into an army of Superfans. 

What Is a Superfan? 

Superfans are your brand’s top-tier customer base. They are a true fan of your brand. Sure, they love what you do, but it’s more than that. They love HOW you do it. More importantly, they are invested in your success. They want you to stay around, and as such, they’ll do their part to help share awareness of your brand with their social networks. 

6 Ways To Turn Customers Into Superfans

Superfans don’t just happen. They’re a product of a system. Which is fantastic news for any brand, because it means that with the right system in place, you can predictably create Superfans at scale.

1) Start By Focusing On Your Engaged Audience

Sadly, not every customer is going to become a Superfan. But that’s OK.

Maximize your Superfan-creating efforts, start by focusing on your already engaged audience. Individuals that are taking additional efforts to stay connected and engaged with your brand beyond just making a purchase. 

These are your email subscribers, social audience, VIP or loyalty club members, etc. 

2) Create A Brand Community 

Once you’ve identified your engaged audiences, it’s time to rally them around your brand. Just like Star Trek fans are called Trekkies, you want to form a collective identity. A community. Communities allow your customers to connect with each other in addition to building a deeper connection with your brand.

3) Have Conversations With Your Community 

Once you start inviting your engaged audiences into your brand community, you can begin having conversations with them. Conversations are a magic bullet to forging your audiences into Superfans. Ask open-ended questions, engage in the comments section of your blog or social posts, listen to your fans, and actively respond  to them. Show them that you’re listening to them and that you care about their response. 

4) Provide Value Beyond the Sale

Yes, of course, money is critical. But your audience can tell if and when you’re engaging with them only to push a sale. They won’t blame you for it, but they’re not going to start evangelizing on your  behalf.

If you want to grow your Superfan count, you need to look for opportunities to provide additional value to your engaged audiences. Create outstanding content, provide useful information that will improve their lives,  take the time to bring a bit of joy into their life. The goal is to show that you care about your customer base, not just their wallets. 

5) Give Personalized Attention and Care 

As you start connecting with your community, look for ways to give some personalized attention to your customer base. Sure, scaling this can be tricky, but a personalized effort can go along way towards evangelizing a new Superfan. 

Want some examples? Here are some of our favorite personalizing tactics: 

  • Include hand-written notes in your purchase
  • Send one-to-one direct messages through social media
  • Create a personalized video shouting out the customer by name
  • Send a birthday card
  • Surprise your favorite customers with extra products or small gifts

6) Look for Unique Ways To Exceed Expectations

Mediocrity is a business norm. Whether it’s getting a package in the mail, swiping a credit card with the cashier, or even listening to the same airline safety announcement you’ve heard a million times, your customers have an expectation on how these moments should go. And most of the time, that expectation is that this time will be just as dull as the last hundred thousand times.

However, it’s in these dull moments that brands can genuinely start setting themselves apart and begin converting their superfans. Southwest Airlines does a fantastic job of doing just this when they empower their flight attendants to jazz up their in-flight safety announcements.

Break the norm and set yourself apart.

How To Activate Your Superfans 

Like we said earlier, Superfans are more than just great customers. They’re evangelists. Which means, they actively want to share your brand with the world. So, if you’re going to make the most out of your Superfan base, you need to create opportunities to encourage their evangelism.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through a branded advocacy marketing program (Like, say, a SocialToaster program?). 

Encourage your Superfans to sign up and join your advocacy marketing program with their preferred social network. Once they’ve signed up, they’ll be able to share your content with their friends and family. 

On top of sharing your content, you can also use your advocacy marketing program to run contests, solicit user-generated content, send surveys, and empower your Superfans to become an active part in driving your business forward. 

Ready to get started leveraging the social-sharing power of your Superfans. We can help! Schedule your free SocialToaster demo today and let one of our advocacy marketing strategists work with you to develop a custom Superfan program.