12 Ingredients That Will Spice Up Your Social Soup


Not feeling very creative today but need to post some new content to your social media pages? Have no fear! Here are twelve industry tested tips to get you moving in the right direction ASAP.

1. Use pictures! 

Especially vintage pictures. Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays are hugely popular and typically generate a lot of engagement. Take advantage of these trends and post throwback photos of your company, employees, founders, clients etc.

2. Turn a favorite quote into an artsy image. 

This is an easy way to appeal to audiences on pretty much any social platform. Need help on the art side? Try the new tool by ReciteThis. To make it even more engaging, add a call to action for people to share their own quotes and related stories.

3. Take a stance on a hot button topic. 

Browse Buzzfeed or Reddit for what’s trending this week. Go for shocking, but not too negative. You want comments and interaction, not hate mail!

4. Poll your fans. 

Let’s be honest, people are narcissistic by nature and will jump at this opportunity to share their opinions. Ask one question at a time and make sure it is something that you are actually interested in knowing the answer to. People on the internet are masters at spotting (and calling out) insincerity.

5. Guest submissions.

Open up the floor to your fans to share pictures and stories about your business. This engages existing customers while also making you relatable to potential customers.

6. Create a twitter contest.

Ask your audience to share stories about how your brand has impacted their lives in 140 characters or less. Use a hashtag to track their responses and offer a quirky reward to increase engagement. Additional benefit: research shows that when you get customers to commit to your brand through writing, they subconsciously feel the need to follow through and use your brand more often. A win-win for you!

7. Provide recurring content.

A weekly trivia question, industry tip, employee spotlight, or fan shoutout would do the trick.

8. Got merch to sell? Post pictures of your new products and ask fans to let you know which is their favorite.

Enter everyone who participates into a drawing for the chance to win the product they liked the most.

9. Feature a local company you love.

Who knows, they might do the same for you!

10. Ask for industry predictions.

Give people a soapbox and have them tag friends to bring more people into the conversation. The resulting traffic will blow you away.

11. Host an online scavenger hunt across your social media pages.

Make the prize a big one so that your followers are really motivated to spend some time exploring. Imagine all of the things they’ll discover while their attention is focused completely on you!

12. Try a “Caption This” contest.

Give your audience a chance to show off their humor and creativity. Offer a tangible reward or just the pride associated with being the funniest, wittiest fan out there.

What are your tips for getting the creative juices flowing? Please share!

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