Amplify Your Remarketing Activities by Activating Your Fans and Followers


Remarketing has been a tool in the good ol’ “digital marketing toolbox” for years now. If you haven’t heard about the tactic, or aren’t using it, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful conversion instruments available to businesses of all size. Combine remarketing with the traffic driving, and audience building power, of a well-managed consumer ambassador program, and you have a conversion driving machine.

The Case For Remarketing

For those that don’t know, remarketing (also called retargeting), is the marketing tactic of targeting your ads to individuals that have already visited your website. Some ad platforms will also let you target people that have watched your branded video, engaged with your social posts, or opened one of your marketing emails.  Essentially, remarketing is just a fancy way of saying, “Hey, ad platform, you know that person that already came to my site? Go ahead and show them an ad!”

This is a huge benefit when you consider that marketers spend a significant portion of their budget on the first exposure point with a potential customer. However, seldom does that same customer purchase on their first visit to your site. Remarketing allows you to focus your advertising dollars to drive that second, third, or even fourth touch point at a more efficient spend. No more wasting ad dollars on people that aren’t interested.  In fact, remarketing can boost ad response up to 400 percent!

How Does Remarketing Work?

So how does a consumer ambassador campaign fit into all this? A strong consumer ambassador program utilizing a platform such as SocialToaster is one of the most cost efficient methods to driving that coveted first touch. SocialToaster allows a brand’s fans and followers to easily share their latest content through a single click from their mobile device or desktop. Whether it’s a new blog post, Ebook, or even video, your ambassadors share that content to their social networks where it’s viewed by their friends and family. Intrigued, those friends and family then visit your site and engage with the material. No more paying $1.50 (or more) per click to hit a new audience. Instead use your army of brand ambassadors to share the good word.

Do you know what happens next? Bingo! Those same new users are then placed into your remarketing campaign, increasing your audience pool, driving repeat visitors and lifting conversions!

Consumer Ambassadors + Remarketing In Action

Let’s illustrate our point with an example, OurCo. is a mid-sized Ecommerce company that is in the CPG / B2C vertical.

  1. Our made-up company, OurCo., publishes a new blog post to their website outlining all the benefits and features of their latest product.
  2. OurCo. then shares the post with its consumer ambassadors, who in turn share the post with their friends and family on their social networks.
  3. People who have never heard of OurCo. see the blog post on their friend’s newsfeed, become intrigued and check out the blog post in its entirety on OurCo.’s website.
  4. Once on the site, these people are added to OurCo.’s remarketing campaigns.
  5. Three days later, OurCo. activates a remarketing campaign that specifically targets people that have checked out this blog post.
  6. The campaign includes an offer and automatically targets everyone who came from the consumer ambassador push utilizing the SocialToaster platform.
  7. OurCo. watches sales of the new product roll in.

Let your content (with the help of SocialToaster) do the work for you at a much cheaper investment. Interested in learning more about how SocialToaster can support your remarketing efforts and help you build a powerful army of brand ambassadors? Give us a ring, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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