How to “Brand” Your Prizing to Drive Stronger Results


Anyone can win a grill, but when someone offers you a backyard makeover that’s when you really start to pay attention. At SocialToaster we refer to this larger prize idea as a branded prize.

A prize on it’s own is like a carrot on a stick that helps people share and engage with a lot more content than they would otherwise. And the best part is they can actually get the carrot in the end!

But while a carrot on its own sounds nice (to me anyway), it is more enticing when it is fixed up into a nice stew. This also rings true for prizing. We have found time and again that participants react more positively to rewards that are branded as part of something bigger.

Let’s take a look at how premium jeweler Ben Bridge did just this with the intelligent branding of their Wedding of the Century initiative, which was a huge success.

Each year Ben Bridge Jeweler offers a grand prize called The Wedding of the Century to one lucky winner. This year the prize consisted of a whole list of stuff that would take too much space to name here, but some of the more eye popping items were a Signature Forevermark Diamond Pendant and an $18,000 honeymoon package.

All in all the grand prize came up to just over $100,000. Now they could have just called this, “Win a $100,000 wedding package.” but where’s the fun in that? Instead Ben Bridge opted to create some buzz around the wedding by branding the prize as the wedding of the century. There goal, to turn some heads with the idea that they were giving new couples a chance at a wedding that would rival even a Khardashian.

And turn heads they did! More than a few in fact. The promotion had over 27,000 users with a total reach of over 13 million. They also garnered a more than impressive engagement rate of almost 31 percent! I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that this is a highly successful campaign.

A lot of this success come from how Ben Bridge Jeweler carried this branding throughout the entire SocialToaster program. They made sure to have it everywhere from the landing page to their follow up emails. This consistency is what makes branded prizing so powerful. It instills a strong sense of brand recognition that gives the prize way more weight than you get by simply listing whatever is being given out.

This strategy doesn’t just apply to the case listed above. We have found that whenever the prizing is presented in a way that evokes something more there are better results.

If this seems like a strategy you would be interested in, and after reading this we feel like it might be, then feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you figure out exactly how to brand your prizing for great results.

Give us a call at 855.628.6278 or visit us online.

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