4 Hacks To Improve Your SocialToaster Email Open Rates

Email Open Rates

If you’re concerned about your SocialToaster program’s email open rate, or simply want to pick up a few tips on improving an already great rate, then keep reading. We’re breaking down 4 hacks for improving your SocialToaster program’s email open rate.

For most SocialToaster users, the simple email is where the magic of advocacy marketing begins. Your brand has published a new piece of epic content to its website and now you’re ready for your advocates to share that content with their world. All that’s left is to send an email to your fans inviting them to share your new content.

The rub?

Your fans have to actually OPEN your email before they can start sharing your new content.

Understand What You’re Up Against

It seems like almost every month some new “expert” publishes an article that claims that “email is dead”. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Email is very much alive, kicking, and an ideal platform for getting your content in front of your target audience.

You’re not the only brand that knows this. Which means your advocates are constantly being bombarded by emails, newsletters, offers, and automated messages from competing brands, personal connections, thought leaders, and even from within your own marketing department!

In fact, in 2017 alone over 269 billion emails were sent PER DAY. That’s the equivalent of sending everyone in the world 35 emails. Every. Single. Day. That number is expected to grow to 316 billion emails a day by 2021.

What does this have to do with your SocialToaster emails? Everything. All of these emails are competing with your advocacy email for attention, opens, and actions.

You have to fight for your emails to be seen and opened. You can’t just blindly cobble together a subject line, click send, and hope for the best, there has to be strategy and thought put into your efforts.

Here’s how to get started.

4 Ways To Improve Your Email Open Rate

1) Value-Based Subject Lines

Nothing will make your audience tune your email  out quicker than a subject line that reads:

“New Content For You To Share”

Don’t be that brand.

Strong open rates are born from strong subject lines. Strong subject lines are built from stepping into the proverbial shoes of your audience in order to craft a line that resonates with them. A line that hints at, or articulates, the value of the email they’re about to open.

In the case of your SocialToaster email, use your subject line to tease the content that you’re asking your advocates to share. Entice them with a message that strokes their curiosity and encourages them to open your emails.

2) Know Your Length Limit

If you want to drive a strong open rate, concise subject lines are key. The golden rule of thumb is 50 characters (or fewer). The shorter your email subject line, the more likely a recipient is to read the whole thing and make the decision to open your email.

Long subject lines can get skipped over when someone is skimming their inbox. Even worse, longer subject lines can be truncated by the email platform (say Gmail for example). Meaning that your recipient doesn’t even receive the full message you so carefully put together.

Bottom line, leave the fluff out of your email subject lines and focus on the specifics.  

3) Test. Test. Test.

Sure, you can read about the best type of subject lines to use (open questions versus descriptions for example) to increase your open rates. You can read about the best times to send an email to ensure it gets seen by the most people. You can even read about the best way to structure the layout of your content to increase click-through-rates.

But just because someone an email sent at 2 pm on Wednesday afternoon worked for Brand X, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your brand.

Their audience is not your audience.

To improve your open rates, you need to ABT. Always. Be. Testing.

Test what type of subject line earns the best open rate from your audience. Test what time of day works best for them. Even test the type of content you feature in your emails.

Don’t be afraid to push content over the weekend simply because some blogger said no one checks their emails on Sundays.

Spoiler. They do.

4) Consistency is Key

#1 way to guarantee a high open rate? Be consistent.

Consistently send great content.

Consistently send emails to your audience on a regular schedule.

Consistently deliver value.

Create a reputation for your audience that, no matter the day or email, they know if they receive an email from you, it’s going to be worth their time to engage with it.

Think about your own personal email inbox. Are there certain vendors/brands whose emails you always open? No doubt they’ve proven to you over time that their emails are more valuable than the typical drivel that floods your emails.

If you’re only sending emails sporadically during the year, or not doing your part to ensure your emails are valuable, then you’re never going to be able to foster this behavior with your audience.

Need Help?

Have more questions? If you’re concerned about your SocialToaster programs current email open rate, or just looking for some advice on how to make a teeny bit better, we’re here to help. Reach out to your program manager today or give us a call at 855.62.TOAST. We’re here to help.

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