Agencies: Manage Advocacy Marketing Programs To Increase Agency Revenue & Client Retention

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Most marketing agencies are always on the lookout to add more value to their client offerings. Whether it’s developing a new service line, hiring rockstar-level talent, or investing in new tools and technologies, agencies are constantly on the hunt to expand what they can provide and increase their value to the clients they serve. It’s in that same spirit that we developed our white label agency partner program.

If your agency is currently looking for opportunities to expand their service offerings, increase revenue, and introduce another client touchpoint, may we humbly suggest that you consider implementing and managing advocacy marketing programs on behalf of your client.

We’ve talked time and time again about the benefits of advocacy marketing – for example, people on average pay twice as much attention to posts shared by friends and family vs. those shared by brands. But for brands with limited resources, it might not be feasible to handle an advocacy marketing program in-house. Enter the agency-managed advocacy marketing program.

Why Advocacy Marketing Is An Ideal Service Offering For Agencies

We admit it, we’re a bit biased when it comes to advocacy marketing programs. After all, it is what we do. We’ve worked with hundreds of agencies, brands, and entertainment properties in supporting their advocacy marketing efforts and we are confident that your agency clients could see similarly robust results from their own advocacy marketing efforts.

Drive Results For Both B2C And B2B Brands

Whether your agency specializes in promoting consumer brands or driving business-to-business leads, an advocacy marketing program can be the fuel you need to kick your campaign efforts up a notch. For B2C brands, we recommend a consumer-focused advocacy marketing program. For B2B brands, you would want to utilize the companies own employees to support your advocacy marketing efforts.

Regardless of who joins the program, the end goal is to have your advocates share your client’s branded content across their personal social media networks increasing both the reach and engagement of that content on social media.

Allow us to illustrate the power of advocacy marketing in action with a few use cases:

  1. Produce video commercials for your client? Use an advocacy marketing program to share the YouTube link of that commercial across hundreds of personal Facebook pages to increase views.
  2. Write blog posts or other online content? Leverage your brand advocates to share that content to the social network of their choice to increase website visits, content engagement, and time spent on site.
  3. Regularly host webinars for your B2B clientele? Your client’s employee advocates can push messaging for the upcoming webinar to their LinkedIn pages to help build awareness and attendance of the webinar.


Spend Less On Media Without Limiting Results

Are you weary of constantly watching your media spending? For many agencies, social content management now includes social ad management as almost all posts need to be promoted to generate visibility and engagement.

If clients are tasking your agency to write and promote new content pieces, use an advocacy marketing program to increase awareness of those content pieces. You won’t have to constantly pay to boost them.

An average advocate can have 600 or more total social connections. This means that an advocacy marketing program of only 100 individuals could have a potential reach of 60,000 people. Every time these 100 people share your content, 60,000 individuals have the potential to see that content. No paid promotion required.

The less money you pass through to Facebook or Google, the more money you can potentially keep in-house.


Add An Additional Revenue Opportunity And Increase Client Rotation

By partnering with SocialToaster, you can create a new revenue opportunity for your agency. For many agencies, this new revenue opportunity includes:

  • Time spent managing a client’s advocacy marketing efforts
  • Time spent creating content and resources to support your client’s advocacy marketing program
  • Time spent fulfilling incentives and rewards tied to the program
  • Program design and setup
  • License and use fees

On top of increasing revenue, an advocacy marketing program can help to improve your client retention rate. The more service offerings you provide to your client, the less likely that client is to cut ties or put your agency up for review. Managing an advocacy marketing program for your client can help keep clients engaged (and paying you) for years to come.


The SocialToaster Agency Partner Program

We’ve got the platform, you’ve got the clients. Here are just some of the reasons your agency should partner with SocialToaster to manage your client’s advocacy marketing programs.

Years Of Experience

We’ve been in the advocacy marketing game since the early days of content sharing. Since our launch, we’ve worked with thousands of brands in all verticals. We know what works, what pitfalls to avoid, and what it takes to run a successful advocacy program. When we partner with agencies, those agencies gain access to our expert campaign strategists to help guide their campaign efforts.

White Label Platform

We love our logo, but you know what might look even better? Your logo. Our white labeling offering makes it easy to incorporate your agency’s logo and colors into the advocacy marketing programs you manage. When your client navigates to their advocacy marketing dashboard, it’s your logo they see, not ours.

Managed Services Support

We work with agencies of all sizes; from large agencies that manage all aspects of the program on the behalf of their clients, to smaller agencies that want to bring the power of advocacy marketing to their clients but don’t have the internal resources necessary to implement and support it. For clients that need it, we’re happy to offer our own team members as support for managing your programs, allowing you to outsource the block-and-tackle work while increasing your portfolio.

Whether your agency is searching for a way to increase campaign performance, drive revenue growth, or secure new business, SocialToaster is here to help.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free demo and learn more about our white label advocacy marketing agency offering.

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