3 Ways to Increase Your Followers with Fan Advocacy

Increase Your Followers

A SocialToaster program can help accomplish a whole range of goals for your brand. Be it driving engagement, awareness, or even sales – we can empower your Superfans to help get the job done.

But many organizations are looking to make an impact that goes beyond a single campaign. Maybe even you want to increase your followers on social media for all future endeavors. Lucky for them (and possibly you), this happens to be a tried-and-true capability of a SocialToaster program.

Through a number of tactics, we can help you get more people liking and following your pages. Let’s look at a few.

Keep Asking People to Follow

Repetition is key. Also, repetition is key. This is as true for getting people to follow your page as much as anything else. And a fan advocacy campaign using SocialToaster is a great way to give would-be followers several opportunities to hit like or follow.

Your existing Superfans will be incentivized to share content with their friends and followers that drives home this message. With a well crafted call to action you are bound to have people hit like or follow, not to mention sign up for the campaign.

Offer Rewards

Beyond a well crafted message, incentives within your SocialToaster program have proven to be a great way to increase your social following. You can award points to your Superfans for each one of your social media pages they connect with. By dangling prizes in front of them they will be following you before you know it.

Even if they connected with your social media pages for the perks of the program they will likely stick around afterwards when they see the cool stuff you have to offer.

Showcase the Cool

This brings us to our last point. If rewards and reputation don’t do the trick, showing off what kind of cool content people will see if they follow your page is always a good option. FoMO (fear of missing out) is a strong force that will draw people to your pages if you are known for posting awesome content.

SocialToaster is always looking for new clients and projects. If you are starting to plan your next campaign and are looking to increase your followers or achieve a variety of other digital marketing results, our team would love to share ideas and provide you a quote on the cost of a program.

Give us a call at 855.628.6287 or visit us online.

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