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Digital marketing is changing more often than your Snapchat filter and since agencies are supposed to be industry experts, your services should constantly be increasing and improving to match these changes. Clients have more media channels than ever, with new ones being added every year.

All of these channels represent potential opportunities, but they also all need to be filled with content. Clients expect access to the latest technologies, to be kept up to date on popular trends and offered efficient solutions. Below are four such services that we regularly see client’s asking for help with from their agency. Don’t currently offer one of these services? No sweat, you can always partner with a company that does (hint, hint)!

Instagram Support

Gone are the days where selfies with your holiday-themed coffee (#basic) or your (holiday-themed?) cat landed you a spot on Instagram’s popular page. This is especially true with the roll out of  the new algorithm that the Internet is freaking out about. With over 400 million active users and steadily growing, Instagram provides brands an opportunity to engage with their fans, cultivate a sense of community, and as of a couple months ago, advertise services and products. Over half of the app’s active users are #millennials between the ages of 16–34 years old and for many of them, Instagram is like, totally, the new Facebook, duh.

As an agency, you should be able to:

  • Create a content calendar and strategy for your client to follow
  • Manage your client’s account for them
  • Offer Instagram ad support for your client

With Instagram’s rapid growth, especially with a younger demographic, and the addition of ads, Instagram support for clients will be crucial as more brand-specific accounts are created for different niches and markets. Whether your agency or the client is managing the account, encourage them to have Instagram accounts across all of their departments and niches to target specific audiences and create more product brand awareness.

Social Shopping

If the announcement of Instagram ads was any sign, social commerce aka buying and selling via social networks, is on the rise. Social media is driving more and more retail traffic and Facebook is the reigning heavyweight champ with an average 85% of all ecommerce orders. With more users over the age of 55 joining the site, you should direct your clients to focus to breaking out the good old shopping cart dance move and target the older demographic.

Facebook may account for the majority of ecommerce orders but Twitter and Pinterest are also cashing in with “buy buttons.” These buttons allow users to purchase directly from the social media site. Amazon and eBay also now feature Facebook and Twitter buttons that allow users to share their purchases with their friends and followers. With ecommerce orders averaging between $30–60 and growing, your agency must be prepared to push the cart and direct your client’s ecommerce efforts.

Sure “Likes and Comments” can go a long way towards keeping a client happy, but you know what gets them jumping out of their seat’s dancing? Sales! If your agency-driven social media campaign isn’t driving sales, it’s time to reevaluate. Make sure your team is up to date on the tools and tactics available and start to show some dollars from those memes you keep posting.


By 2019, more than 75% of internet traffic will be video (of that we’re pretty sure 74% features cats or remixes).

There are endless opportunities to showcase your client’s business through video, such as tutorials, interviews, and or trying popular (yet foolish) Internet challenges that can be created for marketing purposes. Just one video can be used on a variety of different platforms::

  • Uploaded to your client’s YouTube channel
  • Featured on your client’s home page and on a product page
  • Shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Following the trend of brand-specific accounts, YouTube will also see an increase of branded videos and channels. YouTube averages over four billion views per day.  FOUR BILLION! And that’s what’s going on now! Just imagine how many views they’ll have in the future.

Bottom-line, your clients need an agency that can produce video content. If not now, then soon. Some projects might need a full-blown production department and hi-tech camera, but don’t underestimate what can be accomplished with a GoPro, selfie stick and steady hand.

Focusing on branded videos will allow your clients to deliver their valuable message and call to action to large audiences.

Influencer programs

Influencers are people who have created their own brands on social media via blogs, video channels, Instagram accounts, and podcasts. These influencers have built such strong followings, especially with younger users, that they impact the decisions and opinions of other consumers. Consumers trust these influencers.

Spoiler alert, your clients are aware of influencers! Influencer programs are fast become a new form of media outreach, sandwiching the space between true earned media and advertorials. Don’t be afraid of this space! Influencer programs can go a long way towards creating positive customer experiences while organically promoting your client’s brand.

One small note, Influencers, like everything else in life, do not come free. They do require some level of compensation, anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $25,000+ depending on the size of their audience. Build out your network of influencers or connect with a brand that can do it for you to ensure you have the right influencer for each opportunity.

Just a note, if you aren’t sure how to get started managing an influencer program, we at Social Toaster can partner with you and your agency and handle that on your behalf!

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