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By human nature we are competitive. And, companies take advantage of this by using competitions to engage customers. While there are different types of competitions — contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, etc. — the opportunity to play and compete is paramount to the contestant. Today, game mechanics continue to be a successful way to engage and activate brand ambassadors.

From our perspective, the use of gamification provides the opportunity to introduce an incentivized program into your marketing campaign based on proven game mechanics. Specifically, your loyal followers can earn points or rewards for various activities associated with the unique campaign while growing your visibility and reaching new fans. When implemented and managed correctly, gamification helps motivate, challenge and drive users to take action. Basically, putting gamification to work in your company translates into a better way to engage with your customers thereby organically growing your brand and bottom-line.

Gamification is an application for companies, non-profits, agencies, and those in the entertainment business that allows your loyal followers and users receive rewards once they have taken action to help you grow your visibility. However, many companies believe that introducing gamification can be costly and complicated. While, in reality there are several easy-to-launch gamification platforms available today for you to use. Thereby, making it is as simple as a click to share information and earn points.

Here are some snapshots of successful campaigns through the SocialToaster platform. These winning campaign include recognition on public leaderboards, the ability to receive virtual badges, point thresholds and prizing levels as well as other options for discount coupons, and much more. And, most importantly, provide real-time reports and information about your users, and overall metrics.

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