SocialToaster: The Advantage Your Ad Agency Didn’t Know It Needed

Ad Agency Advantage

SocialToaster works with brands big and small, but #ICYMI we also work closely with agencies. By partnering with SocialToaster, ad agencies can innovatively set themselves apart from the competition while providing more value to their clients. As we all know, more value means more client security and revenue for an ad agency!

In our humble opinion, fan advocacy should be a core pillar of any marketing strategy and with our platform brands can simply and effectively manage campaigns. So here’s the deal, why not have your very own white labeled SocialToaster platform? Think about it—your logo, your brand, your work…but our platform. Brilliant right? You will be making yourself indispensable in your client’s eyes by providing our platform as an exclusive service of your agency, and who doesn’t love exclusive? But how does this partnership work and how does it actually help you? We’ve got 3 ways, out of the many, that you as an ad agency can utilize and maximize SocialToaster for your clients.

3 Ways Your Ad Agency Can Utilize Advocacy Marketing For Your Clients

1) Raise The Roof Retainer

How do you increase the impact of your campaigns, without decreasing the size of your wallet? Whether you’re measuring success of a campaign by CPC, CPM, CPE, or C-3PO (just kidding!), if your Superfans are activated, they will carry your message (for you) via their networks. This form of word-of-mouth marketing will make your blended CPC, CPM and site visit costs go down.

So now that those costs have gone down, down, down, the fees that you charge your clients can can go up, up, up! Not only will your ad agency be offering your own exclusive service but you’ll also be seeing dollar signs because you can now charge for that service and increase your retainers. You’ll be to bringing in mo’ money by charging retainers, such as campaign licensing and use fees, to manage the SocialToaster platform.

2) Channel Your Queen Bey

It’s out with the old and in the new…ways to announce the release of new products or launch new promotions. (Do you remember how Bey just dropped Lemonade?). Build momentum and anticipation leading up to product launches and major campaign initiatives, such as Black Friday or the Super Bowl, by giving Superfans the first look at new content via the SocialToaster platform.

For the 2016 Big Game, one of our partner agencies tapped into their client’s SocialToaster fan base to score a touchdown make a huge impact on social media leading up to and during their promotion for the big game. Fans shared the client’s ad and the campaign hashtags across their social networks. This big game play put up winning numbers when it came to impressions, video views and hashtag use that propelled this client to be one of the top trending brands on Twitter. Superfans FTW!

With your Superfans getting all kinds of excited leading up to a new product, promo, or event, be sure to get them engaged with creative content and contests to create awareness and exposure. Drive ticket or product sales with SocialToaster. Our platform can be used to host a ticket lottery or an Instagram contest, or create ads to target specific geographical regions and specific markets.

3) Services Managed

Now we know you’re thinking, “Ugh, but I don’t have the time to do all this.” But guess what? You won’t have to dedicate tons of time at all! On average, a SocialToaster campaign will only add 15 to 30 minutes of time commitment A WEEK. For all the mathletes out there, that’s only 0.15–0.30% of your time a week.

And don’t worry, we won’t leave you to figure out our platform by yourself. As part of the deal with SocialToaster, we will act as an extension of your ad agency to help complete the basic day-to-day tasks that go along with a program. We can take care of the entire process for you and help you out with recruitment, gamification and content strategies with our managed services offering, . You’ll receive training and be provided with technical and strategic support so that your SocialToaster programs are as successful as possible.


Grow Your Offerings With SocialToaster

SocialToaster helps grow your business, bring on new accounts, and build awareness. Click here if you want to find out more about how SocialToaster and your ad agency can successfully work together.

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