Introducing SocialToaster Lite – Advocacy Marketing Platform Built For for Small Businesses and Organizations

This is huge! 

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest SocialToaster offering – SocialToaster Lite. 

This streamlined version of SocialToaster was created specifically to help smaller businesses and organizations amplify their marketing content with the same proven technology that powers SocialToaster. 

In other words, now brands and organizations of all sizes (and marketing budget) can transform their existing employees, customers, and supporters into a community of active ambassadors – sharing your brand’s latest content directly onto your fan’s personal social media profiles. 

Your Guide To SocialToaster Lite

How Does SocialToaster Lite Work? 

SocialToaster Lite works just like our flagship SocialToaster program: 

  1. Once your account is created, you can invite your biggest brand fans/employees to join your program. 
  2. You’ll share your newest content marketing pieces directly with your SocialToaster Lite users through the platform. 
  3. They’ll receive a notification and an email with the new piece of content to share. 
  4. From that email, they’ll use our patented simple-share technology to post that content directly to their personal social media profiles.

Even if you don’t have new content to share, you can use SocialToaster Lite to share third-party content with your users. Our ContentToaster tool (included with SocialToaster Lite) automatically suggests and shares third-party content with your users based on what they’ll find valuable. 

What Are The Benefits of SocialToaster Lite?

Over the last decade, organic reach on social media has become non-existent. And while larger brands have the resources, promotional budget, and fan base to counteract this lack of visibility, smaller organizations are typically left at the mercy of the boost button – spending money to promote each post in the hopes of attracting and reaching new potential customers. 

When we created SocialToaster almost ten years ago, our mission was to provide brands, organizations, and communities with a tool to organize their fans and empower those fans to share a brand’s content on the fan’s social media platforms. 

SocialToaster Lite is a continuation of this mission. 

With SocialToaster Lite, brands and organizations can: 

  • Increase the visibility of their content.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Drive more social media engagement.
  • Increase revenue and improve profitability by sharing promotions/new product announcements/etc. 
  • Reduce ad spend by cutting back on promoting social media posts.
  • Foster brand loyalty by regularly engaging with your biggest fans.

What Can You Do with SocialToaster Lite? 

SocialToaster Lite was built to give brands and organizations a platform to amplify their content, engage with their fans, and support the entirety of their marketing efforts. 

Here are just a couple of ideas for how you can use SocialToaster Lite to support your marketing goals:

  1. B2B Startup – Use SocialToaster Lite to create an Employee Advocacy program that makes it easy for your employees or sales team to share branded content directly to their LinkedIn pages. 
  2. Ecommerce – Invite your best customers into a members-only SocialToaster Lite program that gives them special access to unique deals and specials by sharing your content.
  3. Charitable Organizations – Build awareness of your mission and fundraising efforts with a SocialToaster Lite program that utilizes the social networks of your most important donors or members. 
  4. B2C Content Marketing – Leverage SocialToaster Lite’s ContentToaster to automatically identify third-party content that will resonate with your core audience. 
  5. University – Engage and organize your alumni with SocialToaster Lite to help support your fundraising and giving goals.

The opportunities are endless. With SocialToaster Lite, you’ll have the opportunity to organize and activate your fanbase to help accomplish the goals that matter most to your organization. 

What Features Are Included with SocialToaster Lite? 

SocialToaster Lite includes all the basics that you need to start effectively engaging your biggest supporters around the content you’re already creating and publishing online. 

Our AI-driven ContentToaster feature identifies new content that you’ve published to your website or social media channels. It then automatically promotes it to your existing supporters to read and share it with their personal social networks.

With SocialToaster Lite, you’ll receive:

  • A basic dashboard to manage your content and users
  • A ContentToaster AI subscription to monitor for new content and automatically promotes it
  • Our patented streamlining sharing that makes it easy for your brand fans to share your content to their social networks. 

What Does SocialToaster Lite Cost? 

When we set the price for SocialToaster Lite, we knew that we wanted to ensure our product was affordable for solopreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and charitable organizations. 

We believe that every organization can benefit from a SocialToaster Lite program, so we set the price of  SocialToaster Lite starting at $30 a month

The best part is, there is no contract. Your SocialToaster Lite program is billed month-to-month, and your organization can cancel at any time. 

This All Sounds Great. How Do I Sign Up for SocialToaster Lite? 

Get started right now by visiting the sign-up page here

Choose the SocialToaster Lite tier that works best for your needs. Then run through the sign-up process via the account creation portal. 

You’ll have the opportunity to add your logo and branding to your program, personalize your messaging, and invite your initial users. 

In no time, you’ll be up and running with your SocialToaster Lite program.

If you have any questions or need any help during the sign-up process, let us know. We’d be happy to help walk you through the platform

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